Discover Local History with Jim Purvis June 22


Retired history enthusiast John Purvis has always been fascinated by history in all forms.  Armed with a camera and often accompanied by a friend, this Princeton resident enjoys traveling the back roads discovering local historical sites to record their stories in photos and words.

Every town and village in Illinois has at least one story to tell. Purvis relays some of these on his blog at, and will share more at the Princeton Public Library Wednesday, June 22 at 6:30 p.m. “Off the Beaten Path in Illinois” will revisit the Henry Thomas Memorial, Matson Corners, The Witness Tree, The First State Bank in Manlius, country schools, The Cannon in LaMoille, cemeteries at Heaton’s Point and St. Paul’s, the Elijah Philips Memorial, and more.

How many wish they had listened to the stories their grandparents told them as children? Wish they could recapture that feeling of boundless wonder? “Off the Beaten Path in Illinois” was created to attempt that.  To bring silent and mostly forgotten places back to the light of day to the wonder and enjoyment of a new generation of listeners.

Come join Purvis at the library June 22 and maybe, just maybe, you’ll leave with a smile on your face and feel a tug in your heart as you relive some of that childlike wonder once again.

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