Monday Night Movies for August

6:30  August 1st    (1954)    108 min.    Rated G

Two American tourists are on a hunting trip in Scotland and become lost.  As they meander around the countryside they encounter a small village that is not on the map.  The residents of this enchanted village have a mysterious secret…they appear once every hundred years for just one day and then disappear back into the mist as the day ends.  When they awaken the next morning, it is one hundred years later.  The American tourists are there on that special day.  While there, one of them falls in love with one of the village girls.  He realizes that she can’t leave and be a part of his life back in America because if a resident leaves, the village will disappear forever.  So…can he become a part of her life in this magical village?

“This is a great musical from the 50’s.  The sets and costumes are beautiful and the dance numbers are wonderful.  If this movie doesn’t make you feel good…nothing will.” ~Laurie~

 6:30 August 8th    (2009)    128 min.    Rated PG-13

This is the “prequel” of the classic space adventure series.  It involves a vengeful time traveler who travels back in time to destroy the Federation-one planet at a time.  The story shows the main character as a troubled young man who is encouraged by a captain to give the space academy a try.  The captain knew the young man’s dad who, 25 years ago, gave his life to save all aboard his ship including this young man on the day of his birth. The time traveler goes back in time to destroy the younger version of this main character so that the future will be changed.  Will the members of the starship be able to defeat him?

It is interesting to see the relationships between the crew when they were young as opposed to the older crew we are familiar seeing.  This film has action, humor, suspense and it is a lot of fun.” ~Laurie~

  6:30  August 15th    (1942)    102 min.    Not Rated

In WWII, an exiled American and former freedom fighter runs the most popular nightspot in town.  This cynical American comes into the possession of two valuable letters of transit.  When the Nazi major arrives, the local police captain does what he can to please him including detaining a Czechoslovak underground leader.  When this underground leader arrives, the American is surprised that he arrives with his former love.  He is bitter towards her because she ran out on him in Paris, but when he learns she had good reason to, they plan to run off together again using the letters of transit.  Well, that was their original plan.

“This is a must see classic that has everything…romance, wartime drama, and suspense.  The cast is perfect.  And I always remember the song “As Time Goes By”…play it again Sam.” ~Laurie~

 6:30 August 22nd    (1980)    88 min.    Rated PG

A former wartime pilot who was traumatized and is now an alcoholic, boards a plane to attempt to win back his girlfriend, despite the fact that he now has a fear of flying.  When the crew and passengers get sick from food poisoning, he has to land the plane with the help of an air traffic controller and his former captain.  Will he be able to overcome his fears and land the plane safely?

“This film is a spoof of the disaster films that were popular at the time.  It is loaded with sight gags, clichés, and a lot of unusual characters.  It is full of quirky humor and if you want to laugh…this is the one to watch.” ~Laurie~

  6:30 August 29th    (1976)    100 min.     Rated PG

The main character is an aging Western gunfighter who has just been told by his doctor that he has terminal cancer and has just months to live.  Because he knows that his death will be long and painful, he decides that he would rather die by being shot in the “line of duty” than a slow and painful death and he seeks a way to make this happen.  Meanwhile, he takes a room in a boarding house run by a woman and her young son.  The boy idolizes the gunfighter and wants him to teach him to use a gun.  The gunfighter tries to tell the boy that killing is not the answer to problems.  Will the old gunfighter’s life end in a bang?

“This is a good western and the last film by the famous lead actor who coincidentally was also dying from cancer.  The cast is great and this film has a lot of heart.”  ~Laurie~

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