Off the Beaten Path in Illinois Sept. 22

John Purvis returns to the Princeton Public Library Thursday, September 22 at 6:30 to talk about Off the Beaten Path in Illinois. This time his program will cover the State of Illinois rather than just Bureau County. Every town and village in Illinois has numerous memorials, statues, and abandoned buildings, each with their own tale. Many of these were erected with great fanfare and pomp. Crowds gathered, important officials made speeches, bands played and people cheered at the unveiling.

After that, however, it slowly started to fade out of the public’s memory. Business and lodges closed, schools consolidated, parks became overgrown. Statues became weathered as the reason for their existence was slowly forgotten. Now they stand in silent testimony to a life that once was, to a time that has come and gone. Do we allow them to remain forlorn and cast aside? Or do we document their stories, bring back a portion of what they represented then and still do today.

How many wish they had listened to the stories their grandparents told them as children? Wish they could recapture that feeling of boundless wonder? Off the Beaten Path in Illinois was created in an attempt to shine a light on the silent and mostly forgotten places for the wonder and enjoyment of all.

Places revisited Thursday include the Green River Ordnance Plant, the Amboy Depot Museum, Military Monuments & Markers, the Peru Air Show, Old Wheels Car Show, Charles Lindberg Crash Site, Abandoned Tunnels & Bridges.

You can follow his adventures on his blog:

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