Our New Years Eve “Non-event” Event

paypalWe considered throwing a Fundraiser this holiday season, but helping the library shouldn’t require good people to go through a huge, expensive ordeal.

Take for example:
• $140: 2 tickets to a swank, black-tie fundraiser
• $120: Tuxedo rental for him
• $180: Fabulous dress for her

Instead, put on your fuzzy slippers, sit in your cozy chair in front of the fireplace, and click the donation button above to help support your local library.

Non-Event?  What’s That?

The Princeton Public Library is stepping away from its annual International Game Day Trivia Night Fundraiser. Instead they are throwing a New Year’s Eve Non-Event. A Non-Event imitates the same planning and execution as an event, but supporters stay at home. The concept is to save the contributors the time, effort and expense of attending yet another fundraiser.

The library is calling their “event” New Year’s Eve Save Your Cash Bash. Invitations went out in November with a self-addressed RSVP requesting a donation to “buy tickets” for the nonexistent party. Since these “tickets” are really donations, anyone can give whether they receive an invitation or not.

The library wants to be clear in explaining the premise so as to avoid confusion in the community when they receive an invitation or see it advertised. It is meant as an acknowledgement to our benefactors that we appreciate the fact that not everyone enjoys attending fundraisers, yet they still want to be supportive. This way, they can show their support from the comfort of their homes.

As a New Year’s Eve party, this Non-Event presents no conflict or juggling with other New Year’s Eve plans or puts pressure on anyone to come out if they prefer to stay home and watch the ball drop on TV. Because the event won’t happen, there are no concerns about dressing up, parking, babysitters, crowds, weather conditions, etc. It is stress free!

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