Stuffed Animal Sleepover March 30

On Thursday, March 30, at 6:30 pm, the Princeton Public Library will host its spring Youth Services Family Reading event with a Stuffed Animal Slumber Party. In this case, it is the cuddly toys—not the children—who will be sleeping at the library, though they can dress up in pajamas if they would like. Young participants are asked to bring a stuffed animal (limit one per child) that is not afraid to be away from home overnight. Please do not bring a plush friend that needs to spend every night with a child!

There will be a going-to-bed-themed story time with music and action rhymes, then children will select a picture book to read to their stuffed friend. After the stories, we will have a snack of milk and cookies and tuck the animals in for the night under a quilt, “hoping” that they won’t get into any after-hours shenanigans–though we know they will.

Families may pick up their stuffed animal after 12 noon on Friday, March 31 or on Saturday, April 1, and will receive a printed souvenir book of their animal’s library adventure.

ADVANCED SIGNUP REQUESTED PLEASE. Please register for this program by calling the library, 815-875-1331, extension 220, or sign up at the Youth Services Desk. All programs at the Princeton Public Library are free and open to all.

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