Stuffed Animal Shenanigans

Would you like to see what our stuffed animal friends were up to on their sleepover last night? See these candid videos of their antics below.

Princeton Public Library’s Stuffed Animal Sleepover was this evening–we began with stories. Mr. Ron read us some books, and we sang, and then we read to our animals. We had milk and animal crackers and tucked our stuffed friends in for the night. But… first they wanted a movie, and then they got curious about the library. Would Mr. Bunny tell them another story? Could we look up some more books on the library catalog computer? What would happen next?

Toy pizza! Wait, we’re still hungry. Let’s order a real pizza! And we can get some chillers at the Library Cafe! Yum! (Mr. Ron wants to know who is paying for all this food?)

Wait – you can only check out 7 DVDs at a time, animals! (And do you have your library card with you?) Some of the animals played nicely, but some of them decided to see if they could make “art” on the photocopier! After another look at some good books, some of the animals were getting sleepy. Good night, stuffed animal friends! Sleep tight!

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