Transfer your VHS tapes to DVDs

The era of the VHS player is long past. Is it time to bring your old your old family movies into the 21st century? The Princeton Public Library will help you transfer non-copyrighted VHS tapes to brand spanking new DVD disks.

The cost per disk is $10 and each disk can hold up to 2 hours of video. For example, if a VHS tape has 4 hours of video on it, it will take 2 discs to capture the one VHS tape.  If a VHS tape has 1 hour on it and another VHS tape by the same patron has 1 hour on it, it will take 2 DVD discs (1 for each tape; cost-$20), as the DVD discs cannot be stopped and restarted with a different VHS tape

Drop off your tape at the circulation desk and fill out our intake form and we will give your old memories new life, then call you when the disk is ready. Your privacy will be protected. Turnaround time will depend on demand, and you can get your old VHS tape back as well if you want it. If you have questions, please contact the library at 815-875-1331.

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