My World in 10 Objects

Show us your world using ten objects. The library will display them in the display cases for at least a week. Submission guidelines are below and you can download and fill out an application form by CLICKING HERE or pick one up at the library.


Exhibit dates: Monday, June 4, 2018 through Saturday, July 28, 2018 (8 weeks) in conjunction with summer reading program “Reading Takes You Everywhere.”

Plan: Two or more staff-curated displays the week of June 4 are already examples. Patron displays plus additional staff displays will be coming soon.

Each exhibit will be on display in half of the large display cabinet in the library’s main circulation area. Maximum space is 20” x 30” (up to 3 levels) x 45” total height. Exhibits will be displayed for one week possibly longer.

Submission guidelines: Patrons will submit an exhibition application, with contact information, a list of objects and caption labels by Friday, June 15. These applications are available at the circulation desk. PPL will schedule exhibitions and notify the participant of scheduled dates. Objects must be delivered to PPL one week before the scheduled exhibit date and must be picked up within one week after the exhibit is taken down. We will provide a PPL tote for you to transport the treasures.

Labels: PPL will typeset the labels. Please be concise. Label captions for individual items should not exceed 50 words (excluding Title and Date).  Introductory text panels should not exceed 150 words.

“World” may encompass your interests, self-identity, or family background; your job or educational trajectory; and/or actual travels. Labeling should not only describe the object, but also give a sense of the object’s meaning and place in the constellation of all the objects in the exhibition.


Rationale: The things that constitute “the world” for each of us differ based on our experiences, our interests and desires, and our geographical circumstances and travels. We are asking you to combine an exhibit of 10 (more or less) items paired with accompanying text or pictures that serve to communicate a sense of your “world” to library visitors.

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