See the Show! Become a Pro! Today

Today, Thursday, June 20 at 4:00 p.m. come to the library for our  100% Total-Participation, Interactive, Kids & Family Library Show. It’s a solid 1 hour long program  where EVERYBODY PARTICIPATES!

Seen at libraries all over the Midwest, with performances for thousands of kids and families every year!

First, it’s The Rock n’ Roll Variety Juggling Show!

  • A fun, engaging, 100% interactive big family show for ALL ages of  kids plus parents!
  • Tons of energy, movement, audience participation, laughter and excitement!
  • Eye-popping balancing, juggling, and variety stunts!
  • Promotes reading, imagination, discovery, and trying something new!

Then, EVERYBODY PARTICIPATES in the big workshop!  Tons of Fun!  Totally Interactive!

  • Every child learns balancing skills with peacock feathers and beginning juggling skills with slow-moving juggling scarves!
  • PERFECT for all ages of kids!  The kids become the real stars!  They can all do it!
  • Everybody participates!  Nobody sits out!  Nobody feels left out!  It’s a perfect parent-child activity!
  • Imagine an entire room of kids and families all participating at the same time at Jason’s library program!


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