Don’t Miss These August Movies

Monday Night Movies

August 12 at 6:30 p.m.

(1939)  121 min.  Not Rated  Adventure, Drama, Romance

A women steps off the ship she is taking home and runs into a handsome man and decides to stick around for a while.  The man runs an air service in this small South American village.  The location is remote and is surrounded by mountains making flying quite dangerous.  He is aloof and doesn’t want to get involved with the woman but that doesn’t deter her.  The flying life is dangerous here and soon a replacement pilot arrives.  The owner of the flying service realizes he knows the replacement flyer under a different name and what he knows isn’t good. Through all these problems he tries his best to get a contract that will keep the air service afloat.  Will he succeed?

“There several big stars in this movie and the whole cast is great in this action adventure.  Will the plane survive the dangerous journey?  This is a classic and often overlooked film that I think you will like.” ~Laurie~

August 19 at 6:30 p.m.

(1990)  135 minutes, Rated PG  Action, Adventure, Thriller

Set in 1984, the Soviets create a new nuclear submarine that runs silent due to a new propulsion system.  The Soviet Sub commander steers his submarine towards American waters hoping to defect.  An eccentric CIA analyst is called in by the Americans to try to figure out what the sub is up to…is he defecting or trying to start a nuclear war?  The Russians are searching for the Sub and the defecting commander and the Americans are tracking him to determine what he is planning to do…defect or start a war.

“This is a great high-tech war thriller with lots of plot twists. You never really figure it out to the end.  The cast is great and the plot keeps you guessing.” ~Laurie~

 August 26 at 6:30 p.m.

(1959)  105 min.  Not Rated  Comedy, Music, Romance

Two Chicago musicians witness the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, and they want to get out of town and get away from the gangster responsible.  They are desperate to get a gig out of town but the only job they know of is in the all-girl band headed to Florida.  They show up at the train station (dressed as women) as the replacement saxophone and bass players.  They certainly enjoy being around the girls but they can not reveal that they are men.  Will they be able to stay safe and avoid the gangsters who are looking for them?

“This is a comedy classic….it has humor, romance, fun music, and some great performances.  The cast is perfect for this fun adventure.  If you want to laugh…come to the Monday Night Movie.” ~Laurie~ 

Widmark Wednesday

August 14 at 6:30 p.m.

(1961)  108 min.  Not Rated   Western

A corrupt marshal is set to negotiate the retrieval of a group of white captives who were taken prisoner by the Indians.  He is accompanied by his friend, our hometown boy.  There are troubles and complications when the prisoners refuse to be feed.

“This is a western where our hometown boy isn’t the bad guy but a Cavalry Lieutenant who plays by the book.  The marshal is cynical, corrupt and in it for the money… an interesting combination.” ~Laurie~

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