Exciting Changes at the Princeton Public Library

The library was able to make some changes to the decor and usability of the meeting room and the employee work area due to the generosity of certain members of the community. 

    The Friends in Council made a donation to the library to purchase new carpeting in the meeting room. The carpet squares were installed by Wyanet Carpeting at the end of August. The board of trustees selected a commercial-grade carpet that will handle heavy traffic and resist staining in the space frequently used for programs and meetings. 

    The library also received two beautiful multi-piece desks from Mike Stutzke. These dark wood desks were added to the existing employee work area allowing for increased storage and privacy for the cataloging of new materials. The addition of the furniture not only adds a professional aesthetic, but adds enough workspace for employees to work on projects and make phone calls without distraction. The desks, were expertly moved and assembled by Austin William’s moving company. 

    Director Julie Wayland added, “We are very fortunate to serve such a generous community and appreciate when people remember the Princeton Public Library by helping to provide items, funds and services. These new pieces not only complement the surroundings, but also improve the functionality of the spaces.” The library board and staff has always and will continue to serve the community to the best of their ability and such gifts improve the overall experience for all patrons.

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