Barn Quilts of Bureau County

The Barn Quilts of Bureau County will give an informative PowerPoint presentation on Tuesday, October 5, at 6:30 pm on the Barn Quilts that have been showing up around Bureau County in recent years. They will give a history of the American Barn Quilt movement in the United States and will focus on how Bureau County got started in this program and how it has grown to more than 100 Barn Quilts in 88 locations…with more being added every month. The group will show a photo of every Barn Quilt currently displayed in Bureau County, along with some that are displayed in other areas in the United States. In addition to the photos, a few small examples of Barn Quilts will be on display. Valerie Jensen will share the design and construction elements that go into making these beautiful pieces of public art, and information will be given on buying or creating your own Barn Quilt.

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