Maggie Meiners’s Revisiting Rockwell Photography Exhibit, May 7–May 27

OPENING RECEPTION, Saturday, May 7, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm There will be refreshments and a live Q & A with the photographer.

Inspired by the fact that Norman Rockwell produced his iconic Saturday Evening Post cover paintings from staged photographs shot either by himself or by an assistant–the photograph being a template for the final artwork–Illinois artist Maggie Meiners’s project Revisiting Rockwell reverses the process, with painting as template and her photographs as the final product,attempting to bring Rockwell’s original works into the twenty-first century by weaving into each photograph the social issues and elements more suggestive of today.
The exhibit and talk are the first of several community conversations this month around the ideas of America and “modern” life as exemplified by Rockwell’s vision and by our own 21st century perceptions and viewpoints.
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