Raptors at the Library, Saturday, June 11, 1 pm

We’re kicking off Summer Reading by bringing a bit of the wild to Princeton. Northern Illinois Raptor Rehabilitation and Education will bring a number of live, non-releasable birds of prey to the library at 1:00 pm on Saturday, June 11. This is educational and entertaining event is open to the public without registration and will take place in the main circulation area of Princeton Public Library. NOTE: this program is best for children preschool age and older as younger children may become overwhelmed by the birds of prey.

What can you expect from this meeting with owls and hawks?
The audience will:
•Learn what makes a raptor a raptor and the basic anatomy and physiology of a raptor
•Develop an understanding of the role raptors play at the top of the food chain.
•Understand how some species have learned to coexist with humans and how w can live and thrive together.
•Gain knowledge about rehabilitation and conservation.
•Be inspired by what we each can do to ensure these magnificent creatures are with us always.

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