Summer REading Activities

Drawn Together – for multigenerational connectivity

Four weeks of drop-in programming for the young and older to do together here at the library. We are offering 4 different sessions every two weeks and you may sign up for a time slot for either Friday or Saturday by calling or stopping at the Youth Services desk: 815-875-1331, ext. 220. We will have books to read together and activities to do together, with some take-home activities as well.

Friday, June 11 & Saturday, June 12 — Kindness and Memories

Friday, June 25 & Saturday, June 26—Colors and Maps

Friday, July 9 & Saturday, July 10—Music and Art

Friday, July 23 & Saturday, July 24—Remembering the First Moon Walk


Dioramas will be displayed at the library through July 31. This is an ALL AGES activity—adults are welcome to participate as well as youth, but we ask that all dioramas be family-friendly!

This is a take-home challenge to create a diorama recreating a book jacket or a scene from your favorite book. We will have a limited supply of shoeboxes/tissue boxes/plastic containers to get you started as a base. All other materials to be supplied by participants. Dioramas not picked up by August 7 will be discarded.


Put yourself in the picture. Shoot 12 poses from the list below. Some portion of yourself must be in every shot. Turn in your completed scavenger hunt in one of two ways:

  1. You can print out your photos (please group onto one or two pages, please) and bring them to the Youth Services Desk.
  2. You may e-mail them to

Reading colors your world
Posing with a tree
Just another brick in the wall* (*Wall is optional. Brick is not.)
With something delicious
With an animal friend or friends
On a hike (or a neighborhood walk)
Your foot—and something interesting
With a flower
Good citizen (aka picking up litter)
Pointing at a street sign
With some kind of vehicle/mode of transportation
Be a sport
On the level—steps, ramps, two different levels
With/on/in/next to/under water
At night
Bonus—Photographer’s Choice. Name your own category (and maybe we’ll add it to this list!)

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