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Richard Widmark Noir Week Nov. 14-17

Come visit the dark side of Richard Widmark in these classic noir films.

November 14th   @ 6:30 pm

(1947)   98 min.   (Not Rated)   ©20th Century Fox

A  small-time crook gets caught during a jewel heist while his friends escape.  The district attorney urges him to rat on his partners to keep from going to jail.  He refuses to reveal his partners, who assured him that his wife and children would be taken care of while he is in jail.  After about three years in prison, he learns that his depressed wife has committed suicide and his children are in an orphanage.  Obviously his partners didn’t watch out for them.  He contacts the DA and makes a deal to turn in his partners, one of whom is a vicious killer, and in turn gets out on parole.  He remarries, gets a respectable job and is leading a happy life until he learns that the killer has been released from prison and is out for revenge.

“Richard Widmark plays a psychopathic killer in this Film Noir Classic.  This was his first film and he also won an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.” ~Laurie~

November 15th   @ 6:30 p.m.

(1948)  93 min.  Not Rated  ©20th Century Fox

After two mob-related killings, a suspect (who was framed) is arrested, released on bail, and murdered.  The FBI recruits a young agent to go undercover in the shadowy Skid Row area, under an alias, as a potential victim of the same racket.  Soon, the agent meets a neurotic mastermind who’s “Building an Organization, making his job a lot more dangerous.

“This Film Noir classic shows the cutthroat world of the mob, cops on the take, and the FBI going undercover-infiltrating the mob to bring justice to a dark, corrupt city.”  ~Laurie~ 

November 16th  @ 6:30 pm

(1948)   95 min.   (Not Rated)   ©20th Century Fox

The owner of a roadhouse in a backwoods town, hires a sultry, tough-talking, torch against the advice of his manager.  He is smitten with her, but she exerts her charms on the manager, who finally falls for her. Enraged when she refuses his proposal, the owner plots revenge.

“This action Film Noir thriller is a great scary movie full of romance, drama, suspense, and lots of plot twists.  Richard Widmark is a real psycho at the end of the movie.  Don’t get too scared.  ~Laurie~

November 17th  @ 6:30 pm

(1952)   76 min.   (Not Rated)   ©20th Century Fox

An airline pilot who is staying with his girlfriend in a New York hotel sees a beautiful woman who works in the hotel and they become chummy.  He breaks up with his girlfriend, but then finds out the woman, a babysitter to a young girl, is a little crazy.  She fantasizes that the pilot is her fiancé and he becomes increasingly aware that she is a disturbed woman who probably shouldn’t be trusted with a child.

“This Film Noir classic shows a brilliant portrayal of this dark, disturbed, chilling woman.  This is the perfect conclusion for our Widmark Noir November celebration.” ~Laurie~