Friends of the Library Book Club

The Friends of The Princeton Public Library Book Club is reading Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson. Join them on Thursday, February 10th at 4:00pm to be a part of the discussion. The full review from Associated Content is as follows: Snow Falling on Cedars was a well-written book. It told of a race being persecuted during a war. It told of two young lovers torn apart because of their culture. It told of one man fighting to survive during his unjust trial. It dealt with many different issues. This book really made me think about many of the tough questions in life.

This novel told the story of the trial of a Japanese man, Kabuo Miyamota, who was suspected of murdering a white man named Carl Heine. Throughout the story, there were flashbacks to other parts of Kabuo’s life and the lives of those around him. During these people’s lives, they all had to deal with many types of things.

One part of the novel told the tale of Hatsue Imada, a Japanese woman who would eventually marry Kabuo, and Ishmael Chambers, a white man. When these two people were young, they began a relationship with each other. After a few years, Hatsue decided that the relationship was not the right thing to do for both of their lives. She knew that she must marry a Japanese man, as her culture required.

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