Library Cards Go Digital

scancodeAre you tired of searching for your library card in your wallet or purse? Are you prone to losing it?  If so, you might want to consider using a digital card reader app on your smart phone. The Princeton Public Library tested two free apps that allow you to use your smart phone to check out books. Once you have been issued a standard library card, the barcode can be entered into the app and presented at the circulation desk to scan when you check out.

The apps our library tested and approved are Key Ring and Stocard. These apps are capable of storing multiple reward and membership cards. The software easily stores and organizes multiple loyalty cards, does not collect any data on your purchase, but does acquire some anonymous usage statistics to help optimize user efficiency. They may also be used for other conveniences like collecting coupons or keeping track of store sales.

Additional information on apps that the library approves can be found at:

Please note that digital photos of your library card will not be accepted.  Only approved applications will work with our scanner. To apply for a new library card, you must show a photo ID and proof that you are a resident of the city of Princeton.