2017 Donations to Princeton Public Library—

In memory of Roger Gustafson:
–Jay & Jennifer Alter
–Greg & Marilyn Anthony
–Kathy Ballard
–Susan Barlow
–Kay Browning
–Elizabeth Dahlen
–Larry & Deb Dalton
–John & Mary Damon
–Don & Gloria Ecklund
–Paul & Linda Ernst
–Gayle Grace
–Irene Huffman
–Cherie Martin family
–Gerald & Sally Parker
–Fran Pinter
–Bill & Amy Shaw
–Barb Skean
–James Smith
–Betty Sutliff
–Roger & Joanne Swan
–Dennis & Linda Thompson
–Bruce & Kathy Vickrey
–Eleanor Walker
–Lou & Terri Zearing family
–Dennis & Ellen Zehr

Marjorie Johnson, In memory of Roger Gustafson

MARCH 2017
In memory of Bernie Samek:
–Hardanger Club
–Nancy Scoma

APRIL 2017
Bureau County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, book
Voices of the Prairie, books
Jean Lawton
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Hopkins and Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Gustafson, In memory of Richard Lee Lauritzen


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