American Legion Auxiliary Unit #125, donation to Youth Services

Martin Brigham & Harriet Rubenstein, in memory of Jeanne Anne Austin
Hardanger Club, in memory of Claudine Strunk

Friends in Council, new carpeting in Matson Meeting Room

JULY 2021
Former students of David Gillespie, fund for PHS yearbooks for Local History Room

JUNE 2021
Friends of the Princeton Public Library
Hardanger Club, in memory of Julie Brown and Jeanne Pence
Jean S. Lawton

MAY 2021
In memory of David Gillespie
—Ann Frels
—Sandra L. Johnson
—Bruce & Rita Placek
—Crane & Carolyn Schafer
—Brian Walk
—Stephan Walk
Crane & Carolyn Schafer, in memory of Dr. Harold Hutchinson

APRIL 2021
In memory of Dr. Harold Hutchinson
—Jay & Jen Alter
—RK & Gail Simmons
—Julie Wayland
Rex & Ami Chamberlain, in memory of John Hutchinson
In memory of Dave Gillespie
—Donald & Margaret Arter
—Carol Bird
—Stephen & Carla Bouslog
—Robert & Leota Carlson
—N. F. & Robert Carrera
—Sarah Cooper & Stephen Gunning
—Mike & Jan English
—Linda Ernst
—Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa
—Edward & Candace Flanigan
—Beth Gerig & Dean Bachman
—Stanley & Carol Gingrich
—Sue E. Johnson
—James & Nancy Lowers
—Stephen Matthews
—Judith & Robert Quick
—M. J. Rombouts
—John & Lynda Smith
—Louise Thompsen
—Regina Thompson
—Marjorie Verplaetse
—Michael & Eugenia Wallace
—Mary L. S. Woodley

MARCH 2021
In memory of Dr. Harold Hutchinson
—Yvonne Browning
—Stephen & Charlotte Cowser
—Cowser Field & Feedlot
—Elena M. Davis
—Mary Dorsch
—Diane English & Pat Bonfils
—Dr. Daniel Fuertges
—Ed & Barb Kiefer
—David & June Larson
—Jane Morris
—Virginia Nelson
—Princeton Optimist Club
—Mr. and Mrs. Warren Reinhardt
—Katherine Rinaldo
—Bob & Deb Russell
—Barry & Catherine Schultz
—Kathy & Mark Seidel
—Scott & Cindy Smith
—David Stacker and Leslee Beams-Stacker
—Daniel & Cynthia Tracy
—Deborah Vetter
Cliff & Kathy Cartwright, End of year/non-event fundraiser 2020

In memory of Bart Kassabaum:
— Anonymous
—Mary Beastall
—Bill Bouxsein
—Cheryl DePaepe
—Heartland Bank
—Jud & Ann Lusher
—Marquis Energy
—Michael Miller
—Andy & Geri Romagnoli
—Zearing Child Enrichment Center
In memory of Diane Seidel
—Michael and Robyn Miller
—Shelley Roberts & Duane Moore,
Cynthia Baumgart & Amy Hodge, additional donation in memory of Marian Wolf
Neal & Petra Norrick, in memory of Marian Wolf
End of Year/Non-Event Fundraiser 2020
—Connie Espel
—Pat Schou

End of Year/Non-Event Fundraiser 2020
—Jay & Jen Alter
—Mary Andrei
—Steve & Laurie Bonucci
—John & Sue Garvin
—Linda Gustafson
—Steve Keutzer
—Judd & Ann Lusher
—Susan Wright
In memory of Marian Wolf:
— Cynthia Baumgart & Amy Hodge
— Michael & Sharon Wadle
In memory of Diane Seidel:
— Donald & Gloria Eklund
—Gebeck Associates
—Steve & Colleen Harmon
—Eric & Janice Paul
—Walt & Deb Prostko
—Barbara Wiggins
In memory of Bart Kassabaum:
— Gary & Diane Bruce
—Caleb Caldwell
—Lou & Debbie Gordon
—Jake Gorman
—Phil Pitzer
—Ben Parr
—David & Patricia Shimmin
—Jon Shimmin
—Candace & Joe Summers
Heartland Bank & Trust
Dennis & Tina Nink, salt spreader and two bags of salt
Kathleen Wayland


2020 Donations to Princeton Public Library —

In memory of Joanne Mensch
—David & Elizabeth White
—Louise Thompsen
—Paula Adrahtas
In memory of Johnny Gannon Mensch
—David & Elizabeth White

In memory of Joanne Mensch
—William Livey
—Mary Phillips
—Patricia McDonald
—M. Albrecht
In memory of Barb Hansen
Carol Bird
—Carolyn Workman

MAY 2020
Jean Lawton

JULY 2020
Dan and Margaret Martinkus
Special Thanks to our Summer Reading Program Sponsors
Friends of the Princeton Public Library
Arts of Starved Rock Country Fund for Digging Deeper into Your Imagination: Magic & Art Show by Dan Gogh (funds for this Community Arts Access Grant are partially supported by the Illinois Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts)

In memory of Jeanne C. Pence
—Bryant Village Association
—Marybeth Carlson
—Marna Grafenstein
—Jan Hamik & Jacquie Goetz
—Sarah Hoban
—Patricia Mitchell
—Ivan and Eleanor Skoog
—Donna Springer

In memory of Jeanne Poppens Pence
—John Bean
—Elizabeth & Michael Denius
—John & Joanne Edvardsen
—Debby & Mike Eisel
—Tim & Judy Harris
—Terry Johnson
—Scott & Rita Kohler
—Lori Martin & Fred Potter
—Lex Poppens
—Barbara Repa
—Ethel Scruggs
—Michael & Lindsay Strand
—Paul & Marcia Watson
—Glen & Judy Wright
Lex Poppens, plaster frieze, in memory of Jeanne Poppens Pence


In memory of Jeanne Poppens Pence:
—Mike and Jan English
—Eric Poppens
—Michael & Lindsay Strand
—Stephanie VanOrdstrand & Tony Morrow
—Kathy Hilgenkamp Roum
GFWC Woman’s Club of Princeton
Jane Morris, October landscape maintenance

Carol Bird,in memory of Marion Wolf
Cathy Kirby, in memory of Jeanne Pence
In Memory of Diane Seidel:

—Jay and Jen Alter
—J Birney Brown
—Mary & David Butterfield
—Mike & Jan English
—Cathy Kirby
—Bill Livey
—Mike and Jane Morris
—Princeton Game & Fish Club
—Robert and Debra Russell
—Crane and Carolyn Schafer
—Jim and Sue Scruggs
—R. J. Seidel
—John & Lynda Smith
—Lani Swinford
Norman and Darcy Harris
Ellen Larson & Justus Templeton
Robert Baierbach
End of Year/Non-Event Fundraiser
—Tony & Liz Bonucci
—Rick Brooks
—Gary & Hope Browning
—Bea Coates
—Paul & Linda Ernst
—Phyllis Fasking
—Linda Fine
—Karl & Connie Johnson
—Ruth Johnson
—Laura Kheshgi
—Margaret Martinkus
—Jon McCutchan
—Julia McCutchan
—Carol McGee
—Steve & Gina Nelson
—Bob & Deb Russell
—Mike & Katie Sayler
—William & Doris Schabow
—Crane & Carolyn Schafer
—Nancy Scoma
—Bonnie Smith
—Lani Swinford
—Mr. & Mrs. John Wester
—Steven Wojtas

2019 Donations to Princeton Public Library —

Church Women United
Rick and Sarah Brooks, 6 month subscription to The New York Times, Sunday edition
Tony & Liz Bonucci
Modern Woodmen (Julie Wayland – Hometown Hero award)

MARCH 2019
Bureau County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, children’s book
Mike and Jan English
GFWC Women’s Club
In memory of Marguerite Klett:
–Robert Baierbach
–Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Meyer
–Mark & Kathleen Foresman
–Donald & Gloria Ecklund
–Deborah Vetter
–Carol Bird
–Mary Dorsch
–Jacqueline Schroeder
–Michael & Pamela Lange
–Forrest & Sue King
–Caryl Behrens
–Phyllis Johnson
–Esther Tracy
–Nancy DeBord
–Mary McCauley
–Bea Coates
–Carol McGee
–Fred & Lydia Kimberley
–Susan Stumpf-Glover
–Linda Winkelmann
–Jane Lampkin
–Dorothy Grafft
–Louise Thompsen
–Liz & Mike Denius

APRIL 2019
Hardanger Club
Jean S. Lawton
Friends in Council
Julie Wayland

MAY 2019
Kirk and Ann Fine, donation in honor of Dana Fine’s birthday
Elsie Nothnagel, in memory of Wayne Smith
David Wilcoxson, in memory of Wayne Smith
Judith & Robert Quick, in memory of Carol Brown
Princeton Lions Club

JUNE 2019
Terri and Keith Taylor, in memory of Wayne Smith
Mary Jagers, in memory of Wayne Smith
Geraldine Woodlief, in memory of Wayne Smith
Princeton Rotary Club

JULY 2019
Rod and Marcie Jaggers, for youth services department
Bonnie Smith and family, Chicago Cubs books, in memory of Don Smith
John and Sharon Young
Friends of the Princeton Public Library

Geno Caffarini, in memory of Wayne Smith
Sue King, flannelboard for Youth Services storytime program
Cindy Smith, Nurture Shock book; in memory of Elaine McVety

Thomas Mueller & Pamella Alloway-Mueller, in memory of Ann Mickow
JC or CC Barratt, in memory of Ann Mickow
Templeton Larson Family Trust

Amy Knapp
Bureau County Art Teachers Show
In memory of Ann Mickow:
Martin and Colleen Cramer
– Cheryl Reeder
– Jean Samuelson
– Pat Hultine
– Charlie and Kathy Waca
– Jim and Sue Howard
– Lou and Terri Zearing
– Bob and Deb Russell
– Fortnightly Club
– Lawrence and Martha Malnor
– Debby and John Truschinger

Nancy DeBord, in memory of Richard DeBord
Marjorie Albrecht
Robert Baierbach
David Brown and Stacy Young family, for youth services
American Legion Auxiliary, for youth services

2018 Donations to Princeton Public Library —

Cheryl Christiansen/The Coffee Club, in memory of Marrietta Anderson
Princeton Junior Women’s Club
Randy Comba, history books

APRIL 2018
Jean S. Lawton
Princeton Rotary Club

MAY 2018
Princeton Lions Club

Youth chair & table donation, Friends 2018
PPL Youth Services gratefully received a donation of two youth-sized folding tables and 10 stacking chairs to be used for craft times from Friends of the Princeton Public Library.

JULY 2018
Friends in Council, computer set-up for Matson Meeting Room
Friends of the Princeton Public Library,
additional youth tables & chairs for craft times
Mike & Carole Vaughn

Ace Distribution Center, materials for Youth Services
Illinois STARNET Regions I & III Book Project, family/educator resources and children’s books for Youth Services

Paul & Linda Ernst

Connie Kauffman, book for Youth Services
Pam Tippner, Hillsdale Garden Club, book for Youth Services

Marjorie Albrecht
Robert Baierbach
Scott and Cindy Smith
Mike and Carole Vaughn

2017 Donations to Princeton Public Library —

In memory of Roger Gustafson:
–Jay & Jennifer Alter
–Greg & Marilyn Anthony
–Kathy Ballard
–Susan Barlow
–Kay Browning
–Elizabeth Dahlen
–Larry & Deb Dalton
–John & Mary Damon
–Don & Gloria Ecklund
–Paul & Linda Ernst
–Gayle Grace
–Irene Huffman
–Cherie Martin family
–Gerald & Sally Parker
–Fran Pinter
–Bill & Amy Shaw
–Barb Skean
–James Smith
–Betty Sutliff
–Roger & Joanne Swan
–Dennis & Linda Thompson
–Bruce & Kathy Vickrey
–Eleanor Walker
–Lou & Terri Zearing family
–Dennis & Ellen Zehr
Rex and Ami Chamberlain

Marjorie Johnson, In memory of Roger Gustafson

MARCH 2017
In memory of Bernie Samet:
–Hardanger Club
–Nancy Scoma
James and Teresa Jensen, In memory of Roger Gustafson
Voices of the Prairie, books

APRIL 2017
Bureau County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee, book
Jean Lawton
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Hopkins and Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Gustafson, In memory of
Richard Lee Lauritzen

MAY 2017
Friends in Council
Mike & Jan English, for carpet cleaning
Princeton Rotary Club
Princeton Lions Club

JUNE 2017
Princeton Rotary Club
Princeton Lions Club

David & Shelley Gorenz

Amy Knapp
Galesburg Sewing Center

Kathy Ballard
American Legion Unit #125, Tiskilwa
Marge Albrecht
Charles & Susan Atchley, for children’s books, In honor of Dr. Ben and Mrs. Becca Shepherd and Lincoln Shepherd
John Wayland

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