Remember Indian Creek March 29

On Thursday, March 29 at 6:30 p.m. Heinz-Dietrich Suppan will give a presentation on his book, “Remember Indian Creek” which  tells the story of several settlers who were looking to start a new life along Indian Creek in the 1800’s.

Suppan spent over two years researching the material and visited with a descendant of two sisters who were the only survivors of the Indian Creek Massacre. The book includes maps and photographs from the era, plus modern day photographs that show artifacts. A bibliography of sources should prove useful for those wanting to do their own research.

“Remember Indian Creek” will be sold after the presentation. Heinz Suppan has taught German and a history classes at a variety of schools. He currently teaches at Marquette Academy and Joliet Junior College and resides with his wife Leslie in Ottawa.

Friends’ Dues Deadline

Friends who would like to participate in the “Friends Only” book sale preview night April 11 must have their dues paid by March 31.

Forms can be found online by clicking HERE, or you can request one at the library circulation desk.

Dues payment will still be accepted after the March 31 deadline, but those members will not be eligible to attend the April 11 preview.

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