Princeton Cafe is Eco-friendly

cafe-ecoThe Princeton Library Café is in the process of making changes designed to be more environmentally friendly. “We want to minimize our impact on the environment,” Café employee Adina Stackhouse said. “We’d appreciate any feedback people can offer about how we’re doing.”

The Café has already switched to compostable cups and lids, and plans to eventually switch out other supply items as well.  They recently created a small scale display that illustrates how their cups can be turned into composting material.  If you give the glass jar a gentle shake, you can see what’s inside breaking down.

Composting is beneficial to our environment because it breaks down food waste and other natural products faster than it would in a landfill. The Café staff encourages you to learn about how to create a composting bin of your own and join them in the fight to keep our planet healthy.

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