Movies for April

Can you guess the titles of these fun movies coming up in April? Come to watch with us to see if you guessed right.  

April 2nd at 6:30

(1948) 107 minutes, Not Rated, Musical-Romance

A nightclub performer hires a naïve chorus girl to become his new dance partner.  He does this to make is former partner and love interest jealous.  He also wants to prove that he can make any partner a star.  Does he still love his former partner or is he interested in his new dance partner?

“If you like musicals, this is a good one with some fantastic dance numbers.  It’s a funny touching, romantic musical that’s full of great dancing from some of the best.”  ~Laurie~

April 9th at 6:30

(2004)  92 minutes,  Not Rated, Action-Adventure-Comedy

A professional student who is brilliant but kind of nerdy, gets an unexpected job at a mysterious library.  His job is more as an archaeologist and artifact keeper.  He soon is pursuing a stolen artifact from the library which takes him on an excursion to far off lands.  A beautiful martial arts expert is hired to protect him.  Will he find the artifact?

“If you like action adventure films, you will really like this movie.  The cast is very good and it’s a good film for the whole family.  We are showing this film National Library Week.” ~Laurie~

 April 16th at 6:30

(1957) 115 minutes,   Not Rated,  Drama-Romance

A rich playboy meets a beautiful night club singer on a cruise from Europe to New York.  They fall in love despite being engaged to other people.  They agree to reunite on top of the Empire State Building in six months.  However, an unfortunate accident keeps her from the reunion and he fears that she has married or does not love him anymore.  Will he discover the truth behind her absence and reunite with his one true love, or has fate and destiny passed them by?

“This is a classic film that is full of romance.  It’s the kind of love that we all dream of.  This is a beautiful movie that stood the test of time…it still resonates with audiences 60 years later.  You will laugh, cry, and be touched by the story that has been copied several times in recent years.  Next week’s movie is similar in theme and makes reference to this film.” ~Laurie~


April 23rd at 6:30

(1993) 105 minutes, Rated-PG  Comedy-Drama-Romance

This is a light romantic comedy inspired by last week’s film.  The main character is a widower and a single father.  When his son calls into a talk radio program looking for a new mother, the father ends up getting on the phone and laments about his lost wife who he still loves.  Thousands of miles away, a woman hears the program and immediately falls in love with him, despite the fact that she has never met him and that she is engaged.  Believing they are meant to be together, she sets out to meet him.  Since the radio broadcast he has to contend with an onslaught of letters from available women equally touched by his phone call.  Will they both get together?

“The big question is…Will they get together? Will they have their romantic meeting on the Empire State Building as hoped?  This is a fun romantic comedy similar to last week’s film and I know everyone will enjoy it.” ~Laurie~


April 30th at 6:30

(1973) 129 minutes,  Rated-PG Comedy-Crime-Drama

This movie is set in 1936 Chicago.  A young con man is a witness when his friend and mentor is murdered by a racketeer and gambler.  He wants to avenge the murder of his friend so he enlists the aid of the greatest con man of them all.  They gather together an impressive list of con men who all wish to avenge the death of their friend.  They organize an elaborate con to trick the murderer.  There are lots of plot twists in this classic movie that has suspense, humor, and always keeps you guessing.

“This movie was a huge hit in the 1970’s.  I especially like the catchy music score that plays during the film.  There are lots of plot twists and surprises that keep you guessing throughout the film.  The actors are perfectly cast and you really feel like you have stepped into the depression era Chicago.” ~Laurie

Widmark Wednesday Movie

 April 11th at 6:30

(1991) 115 minutes,  Rated-R Drama

Two law school students are looking to get into Washington politics.  However they both have different ideas and ethics.  One wants to pursue a career in justice and plays it straight.  The other student wants to be a big political power broker…any way he can, even if it means breaking the rules.  Their career paths are political opposites which gives them a friendship fraught with conflict and moral issues.  Can their friendship survive?

“Our home-town boy plays one of the senators in this political drama. *Note: Rated R for language and sensuality.”  ~Laurie~




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