Author Fair September 22

It’s time for our annual Author Fair. Come in during open hours on Saturday September 22 and meet the authors participating in this year’s event.

The list of attending are:

  • Debra R. Borys
  • Kay Clark
  • Rey Clark
  • Lorrien Crowder
  • Joseph Gatch
  • John Jamison
  • Laura S. Kearney
  • Olivia Kerber
  • Teresa LaBella
  • Linda Lowery
  • Lisa Maggiore
  • Dawn Malone
  • Kay Mays
  • Amanda McNeill
  • Heather Munn
  • Victoria Noe
  • Jannifer Powelson
  • Georgann Prochaska
  • Jeanne Roppolo
  • Sue Rovens
  • Jean-Michel Smith
  • John Spencer
  • Dorene Stalter
  • Marydale Stewart
  • Roy Swanberg
  • Christine Todd
  • Jodie Toohey
  • Sheila Kelly Welch
  • Kathie Whitlock

This year we will also have representatives from Wordsy Women Author Servies and Total Printing Systems.

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