Library acknowledges Hutchinsons donation for HVAC ancillary costs

Hutchinson Donation

The Princeton Public Library received another generous donation from Dr. Harold and Mrs. Jeanne Hutchinson in December. The Library was grateful for this $20,000 donation and that covered the ancillary costs associated with the updated HVAC system. Although the project stayed within the initial estimated amount, the installation around the ducts needed repairs. The Hutchinson’s donation not only took care of those expenses, but covered the payment for the architectural/engineering consultant as well.

The Princeton Public Library has named the Youth Services area in honor of the Hutchinson’s past donations and continue to appreciate their generosity. It was because of this gift to the library, that the HVAC replacement, completed by John’s Service in Oglesby, was much sooner than initially planned. The project was completed in December, as opposed to the originally expected timeline of spring, 2020.


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