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Summer Reading Activities

Stop into the Princeton Public Library this week for sidewalk chalk and wooden clothespins to make Clothespin Friends.

Activities for Youth and Teens

Nature Bingo Cards (nature activity) (ALL AGES) from Mass Audubon (Massachusetts Audubon Society)

Rainbow Nature Hunt (art/nature activity) (ALL AGES)

Do: TWIG LETTERS  ALL AGES (letter recognition and motor skills) Pick up fallen twigs and sticks (Please do not break off twigs from live trees unless you are intentionally trimming or pruning with permission!) Tie them into letter shapes with twine, thread, or string—spell out your name or a message to hang on a wall or display on a shelf.

Do: CLOTHESPIN FRIENDS  AGES 6 AND UP (motor skills, pretend play) 

Do: GIANT BUBBLE MAKER ALL AGES (parental help for younger children)

Play: SMALL HOUSES (motor skills, pretend play) Create a tiny house or nest for a fairy or other creature in your yard. Use sticks, rocks, leaves, flowers (ask permission to pick!), dirt,mud, or sand. You can invite fairy garden figures, action figures, or toy animals to stay in your house, or make new friends from Fimo, air-dry clay, clothespins, or by gluing a drawing onto several layers of cardboard.

Play: SIDEWALK CHALK (ALL AGES motor skills, balance)
Write encouraging messages for passers-by on your sidewalk or driveway.
Leave a message on a friend’s sidewalk.

Explore: Science museums across the country are offering a slew of virtual activities and programs. The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City presents a number of virtual field trips, including tours of outer space and a visit to its beloved butterfly conservatory. AMNH also has updated its website and app for kids, called OLogy, which features games, projects, and videos, and it includes sections on zoology and archeology. For dinosaur lovers, AMNH’s multimedia activities about the Tyrannosaurus rex are sure to be a hit.

The National History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM) invites families to learn about crawly creatures in its new online exhibit, ”Spiky, Hairy, Shiny: Insects of L.A.” NHM virtual visitors can also explore videos of fascinating animals, such as a rattlesnake and a skink.


Activities for Youth and Teens

Play: Pretend to be dinosaurs (or another creature of your child’s choosing.) Pretend to eat leaves from plants and trees in your yard or on a neighborhood walk.

Do: Make a dinosaur diorama, built on a cardboard base or in a shoebox or other cardboard box. Populate it with dinosaur play figures if you have them, or make 2-dimensional figures with drawings or printouts of dinosaurs mounted onto cardboard or foamcore. Research what dinosaurs would have lived together in the same time and habitat, and what the habitat would have looked like. Brainstorm what you might find around the house to create landforms and foliage.

Watch: Prehistoric Road Trip with Emily Graslie, Field Museum’s Chief Curiosity Correspondent

National Geographic “Fossils 101”

Natural History Museum, London “How do dinosaur fossils form?”

PBS Eons “A Brief History of Geologic Time”