Container Gardening July 26

Joy Kauffman, a Master Gardener from the University of Illinois Extension will be at the Princeton Public Library July 26th  at 6:30 p.m. to talk about container gardening.

Gardening can be an economical and healthful way to feed your family and improve your health.  Container Gardening can make it possible to enjoy the benefits in a small space all year round.  Come to learn techniques and share examples of successful Container Gardens that will brighten your day!  Learn how FARM STEW is sharing the blessings of Container Gardening around the world.

  • Select The Right Container
  • Use Enriched Potting Soil
  • Monitor Soil Moisture
  • Don’t Forget The Sunlight
  • Embrace Aesthetics
  • Plants For Container Gardens
  • Sharing “The Recipe of Abundant Life”

This Program is FREE and All Are Welcome to Attend

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