Spookie Poochie Pet Parade, Oct. 30

maxpixel.net-costume-hot-dog-puppies-cute-dog-bee-dinosaur-2832245.pngDress Your Pet

Halloween should be for everyone, including those with four legs. The Princeton Public Library hasn’t forgotten our furry friends this Halloween and are inviting fur babies to participate in their own event. The Princeton Public Library is hosting the Spooky Poochie Pet Parade to give these deserving companions an opportunity to display their costumes in public too. Why should people have all the fun?

At 6:00 pm on Wednesday, October 30th, pets and people will line up for a stroll around the pollinator garden to the northeast of the library. Prizes will be awarded to the best animal costumes. Human costumes are optional, but welcome.

The Princeton Public Library is located at 698 E. Peru Street. Adults must be present with their pets, are required to keep pets leashed and to pick up after their pets. This Halloween, share the scare with your most loyal friend.


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